Matej and Zsofi



My name is Matej and I am half Slovenian, half Australian and as I live in Hungary I will become also half Hungarian 🙂

Life took me to many places so far, not always planned, but sometimes life runs it’s own way and the outcome can be much better than expected. Although I like to travel and the world is my home, I stil didn’t managed to visit my home country down under … For this I have a good excuse (at least I think is good) that if I will once go home I will never want to return.

Where will the path take me next? Well let’s wait and see …



Hi! My name is Zsofi (comes from Sophia), and I’m from Hungary. I live also in Hungary, but I love to travel. Everywhere.

I have a university degree of bioengineering, and we can say, I have a job fitting this. I’m lucky, cause I love my job, and I ‘have to’ travel a lot connected to my job.

My favorite part of the world where I’ve ever been is Iceland, and accordingly to this, I prefer vulcanic places. One of my biggest traveller dream is to get to New Zealand once.

Another very important part of my life is capoeira. It makes me feel free.

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