Silberkarklamm, Austria

So today we took it easy. After breakfast we packed up (cause this was our last night in Lehen), and hit the road. We didn’t get far, cause the hike what we choose was just a few minutes away, in Rössing.

We payed the 4,5 euro entrance for Silberkarklamm, and started our way up in the steep gorge. There were stairs, and amazing view. This is the only private gorge in Austria.

The gorge is surrounded by rocks, from where a lot of waterfalls are falling down, a lot just like a veil. They also have several vie ferrata path, but unfortunatelly we didn’t have our equipment with us.

The gorge is not long, so afterwards we went up to the hut close-by, through the forest, and after passing that the path lead us even a bit higher through the forest before getting back to the parking lot.

All together we did 5 km with 500 m of elevation.


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