Background story, arrival, Prometheus cave

Georgia (Eurasia), Zsofi

We went to Georgia (Eurasia) for just 3 days. 3 of the 4 of us had a new job, and we didn’t have days off yet, and also when we bought the airplane tickets, we knew, that soon we will have new jobs, and we won’t have days off, so we booked for the Easter Holiday. I want to go back once, to see more, cause I totally felt in love with it. Just check the pictures, and hope you will understand 🙂

So 3 days, huh? Okay, let’s try to do as much as possible. I think we were successfull with it. We planned to rent a car. It was a good idea. You cannot count on public transport, and we had very limited time. We had just 2 options actually, cause we arrived around 5 am, and went back to the airport around the same time, so we needed a car rental 0-24 hours. Our 2 options were a Toyota Yaris, or a Nissan X-terra. There were no real difference in price, and we planned to go to the mountains, so we chose Nissan X-terra. It was a very good choice. I have no idea how would we manage with a small car. There is not too much traffic. There are more cows on the roads than cars. The quality of the roads can also show this. For a long time, we had just dirt roads, no asphalt.


First stop was this cave. Already the neighbourhood was nice.


It was a pity that the guide forced us to hurry, but most of the caves works like this. This is the biggest cave in Georgia (Eurasia). I loved, that in the end, we came out from the cave in a boat, on a small, extra clean watered stream.

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Other visited places: Gachedili canyon, Koruldi lakes, Martvili, Kutaisi, Mestia, Zugdidi, Prometheus cave

Wishlist: anything here



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