Peak Musala

Bulgaria, Zsofi

We started the day early from Sofia, and we planned to stop hiking on the way to Varna. Of course, what else than the highest point, which is almost 3000 meters. We arrived to the staring point, we jumped out of the car. Just for my information, I asked Laci (he organised the hiking) how high are we at the starting point. He answered 1700 m. I didn’t believe him. Seriously I thought he is kidding. I couldn’t imagine that we will go up 1300 m. We did.

I can separate the hiking to 3 parts. First was in the forest, an average one. On the way back, we could reach the forest a bit after sunset. The wolves were howling, and I was scared. We started to play music on the phone, to scare them away.

The second part, as we saw in advance, was a more or less flat part. Great, then we can go faster there. No. We already saw in the beginning, that this will not happen. We were just after the melting of the snow, so the ground was muddy, and wet. All of our shoes got wet, and Maya once sank in the mud (it was funny, sorry). If this wouldn’t be enough, there were pinetrees everywhere, and there were no tourist signs. On the way back we were worried, that we will stuck in this in the dark, but we almost got out of this, when the sun went down.


The third part was the steep one. And the most beautiful. We passed by a few tarns, the last one was totally frozen, that was the best. And I started to feel horrible because of the height. I had a headache, I felt that the air has less oxygen. The end was a via ferrata. I don’t think that I would make it without my friends. So here is a picture of us 🙂

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Other visited places: Sofia, Varna

Wishlist: Burgas, Sunny Beach


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