Switzerland, Zsofi

Well, this is just a small village in the Alpes. But worth to visit especially if you like spas. There is not really any other thing in the village, just the spa and a hotel. The water is warm, it has outdoor part, so you can chill outside in the winter. Just sitting in the hot, and watch the gorgeous landscape. That’s all.

Oh yeah, and they have saunas. After spending time in the sauna, I’m not a big fan of going into cold water. Here of course you have the cold water option, but what I loved: you can just walk out to the balcony, lie down on a bed, and cool down on the air (with a landscape of the Alpes).

Other visited places in Switzerland: Bern, Geneva, Zürich, Friburg, Lausanne, Montreux, Neuchatel, Grotte de Vallorbe

Wish list: Aletsch, Peak Dufour


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