Switzerland, Zsofi

Little bit of history

You can find this lovely town next to Geneva Lake, in the french part of Switzerland. It was inhabited already in roman times. From 14th century it was the property of different dutches. Nowadays its famous for festivals (Jazz Festival, Freddie Mercury Festival). The band, Queen, had a studio here, where they made few of their albums.

What to see

Chateau de Chillon is the main attraction here. It’s built in the middle age, and because of it’s situation (built on a rock next to the lake), it was easy to protect. Also the list of tourist sights ends up with L’Eglise St Vincent and Freddie Mercury memorial. But if you come here, it’s not because of these, but the lovely view of the lake.

Other visited places in Switzerland: Bern, Geneva, Zürich, Friburg, Lausanne, Leukerbad, Neuchatel, Grotte de Vallorbe

tick Montreux on the left side

Wish list: Aletsch, Peak Dufour


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