Switzerland, Zsofi

Little bit of history

The city was found by Berthold V Zähringen dutch. In 1353 it joined the Swiss Confederation, and played an important role from the beginnings. During  the inner wars, it was destroyed by other cantons. It was under french rule for a short while in the beginning of the 19th century. Bern is the de facto capital of Switzerland (Switzerland does not have an official capital).

What to see

I went in winter, and it wasn’t the best idea (I was living close in winter). In winter two main attractions are not available. The Rose Garden, and the Bear Park (they are sleeping).


But the Old Town is amazing also in winter. I always loved these city, where there is a river, and it makes a U-shape, and Old Town is in the U-shape. They have style.

Compared to that this is the capital of Switzerland, it doesn’t look like that. It’s more a cutie, calm town. Zürich was much more cosy.


You can see things about Albert Einstein (he was working in Bern for a while, and one of his son was born here), for example a cafe (nice place, recommended), or a museum.


Bern Cathedral is a gorgeous building, just as I expected from these people. This is Switzerlands biggest church.


The other very famous place is the Clock Tower. Funny one. I prefer the one in Prague.


The building of the Parliament was a bit disapointing for me. For such a rich and fancy country, I expected something much more. Maybe the problem is that I live in Budapest, and the Parliament here is an architectural beauty, so I have high expectations.


Other visited places in Switzerland: Geneva, Zürich, Friburg, Lausanne, Leukerbad, Montreux, Neuchatel, Grotte de Vallorbe

tick Bern on the left side

Wish list: Aletsch, Peak Dufour


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